Work Culture

Our shared purpose and vision differentiates and defines Enzeneites.
Enzene is not just a workplace but a platform for all Enzeneites to fulfil their goals.


We firmly believe that employees are our BIGGEST ASSET

They give Enzene the competitive advantage, which is critical for success. Hence, we strive to build a culture where all our employees feel motivated and are free to express their entrepreneurship. We take great pride in fostering a work environment that encourages different backgrounds, talents and perspectives to thrive together.


Innovation is the way of life at Enzene and core fabric of our culture

We view failure as an opportunity to learn, we can accept failures but we don’t believe in blindly accepting the norm. We want to create a disruptive advantage by challenging the conventional thoughts. Each of our business process reflects the same. We strive to maintain an open culture where employees are free to share an idea through a platform which we term“Idea Bubble”. Idea Bubble allows Enzeneites spark interactions with cross-functional teams to validate their ideas. We have many active projects which have come through such idea bubbles.


Employees do not have managers; they have influencers and have their own accountability structure

We have evolved from the conventional organisation reporting structure by creatinga structure thatis based on network sphere. The structure ensures employees are self-driven, can create their own career development plan and have an independent growth path.The network sphere is supported by robust organisation systems and processes. Performance is measured based on the impact an employee has on Enzene through these spheres of network.Enzene has opportunities for employees who can take initiative to make a difference.


We also believe in creating an environment where Enzenites do not miss out on fun

We believe in working harder when faced with obstacles. We have numerous activities like TGIF (Thank God it’s Friday), sports tournaments and team bonding to give a platform to employees to collaborate more at informal level and bond together.

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